The Commutator Is Now Digital

Beginning in 2020, the Commutator will now be downloadable.  If you have purchased the Commutator, signed up for a THS membership or renewed your membership, you will receive a password for downloading the publication.

Click on the image of the Commutator you wish to download.

Visit our online store to: * Members will receive email notification when the Commutator is available. We advocate members whitelist email address to prevent email from being filtered as spam. Information on whitelisting email is generally available using the search engines, use these links to search using or We suggest contacting your email provider for assistance, or search using “How to Whitelist an Email” along with the software you use, such as Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. THS Commutator 2nd Quarter 2020THS Commutator 3rd Quarter 2020THS Commutator 4th Quarter 2020THS Commutator 1ST Quarter 2021THS Commutator 2nd Quarter 2021THS Commutator 3rd Quarter 2021THS Commutator 4th Quarter 2021THS Commutator 1ST Quarter 2022THS Commutator 2nd Quarter 2022THS Commutator 3rd Quarter 2022THS Commutator 4th Quarter 2022THS Commutator 1st Quarter 2023THS Commutator 2nd Quarter 2023THS Commutator 3rd Quarter 2023THS Commutator 4th Quarter 2023THS Commutator 1st Quarter 2024THS Commutator 2nd Quarter 2024
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