Andrea Doria, Dive to an Era


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by Gary Gentile

The collision and sinking of the Andrea Doria on July 25, 1956 has been the subject of debate since that fateful night. Fifty-two people lost their lives, the Italian Line lost its finest ship and the sea rescue made banner headlines around the world. Today she rests on her starboard side in 240 feet of cold Atlantic water 50 miles south of Nantucket and since that time numerous schemes of hull salvage have been discussed and salvors have penetrated seeking treasure and photographers have captured her slow disintegration.

This book chronicles her story after she sank to the authors’s first twenty-two expeditions to the wreck from the recovery of the bronze Admiral Andrea Doria to the recovery of the ship’s bell. Colour illustrations of the ships interiors prior to sinking and numerous underwater photographs.

150 pages. Hardback

This is the first of three books on diving by the author including the Andrea Doria.

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