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The Epic Tale of a Salvation Army Survivor

A Biography By Dave Bryceson

Foreword by General John Gowans [R]

On the night of April 14-15 1912, RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and took over 1,500 of her passengers and crew to a watery grave. There were 705 survivors, each with a story to tell, yet surprisingly, few of those stories have emerged over the years.

This book tells the story of Elizabeth Nye, a member of the Salvation Army and details the early, often tragic, experiences in Folkestone, (England) and New York that led to her involvement with the Titanic. Elizabeth Nye, Titanic Survivor reveals how the disaster was to affect Elizabeth for the remainder of her life.

Dave Bryceson, the author, formerly of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police with 22 years of service, retired and founded a video store in Folkestone, Kent. Listing true stories as his favorite movies, A Night to Remember became the inspiration for his interest in the Titanic disaster. Dave is a THS member and has written articles for The Titanic Commutator and other Titanic societies. He spent more than twenty years of research on Elizabeth Nye, who was born in his hometown, and the result of his labor of love is this book. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of rare archival images. Softcover. 148 pages.

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