Grandfather’s Ship The S. S. United States


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by Elizabeth B. Fletcher (Special autographed copy)

Grandfather is Commander Leroy John Alexanderson, the last captain of the SS United States. The author has produced for young people the story of America’s ship of the 20th century, a marvelously engaging and bittersweet tale of the “Big U.” Jon discovers that it was his grandfather who was the ship’s last captain and he doesn’t like to see the ship in her present state of disrepair in Philadelphia. Grandfather likes to remember the ship when she was new and sailing the high seas. The ship’s legend lingers with longing and power for those who remember her glory days as the winner of the Blue Riband and her luxurious appointments. Ms. Fletcher’s touching story captures the pride of her past and the despair of her decline. Frank Braynard, author of “The Big Ship” about the S.S. United States wrote, “Here is a children’s book par excellence! And a book for all people as well. Boy and girls should love it because of its great stories of the sea, how beautiful the S.S. United States is and its history as the most powerful liner ever built.

Illustrations by Wendy Bruce. Large, color cutaway foldout. 50 pages Hardback.

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