Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners 1954-1986


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by Bill Miller

Nothing in the history of world transportation has ever been subjected to a more radical change than the role played by the passenger ships between the 1950s to the 1970s.

The great CGT Libert, the grand Cunard Queens, the Italian Lines Michaelangelo and Raffaello — all these famous liners received the fatal blow from the villain called commercial jet service. After failing to find a haven in the cruise trade, these ships and many others were forced to the scrap yard. Passenger ships played an important role in promoting the social and industrial development of countries and one can observe their importance to the United States and Canada attracting enormous numbers of immigrants providing the means for many steamer firms to remain in business.

This books provides a pageant of fine photographs giving those who love passenger ships full coverage of the most attractive mode of transport ever known.

118 pages. Softback.

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