Key Figures Aboard RMS Titanic

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Key Figures Aboard RMS Titanic

Superstars & Scapegoats
by Anthony Nicholas

Here is a succession of key characters and groups of individuals examined in over seventeen chapters. We meet the men whose decisions, actions and omissions combined like a slow burning powder trail to trigger a final conclusion; the foundering of the new White Star liner, Titanic.

Titanic is a like a brilliantly lit stage, carrying a cast of terminally endangered extras toward an abyss that was thought to be unfathomable and inconceivable.

One by one, a series of individuals take a bow. Seemingly omnipotent owners, highly experienced ship’s officers, engineers, designers, would be rescuers and embattled wireless operators.

We meet them as individuals, not supermen. Their histories, backgrounds and life experiences are assessed putting their actions on the night Titanic sank into context.

Hardcover 208 pages
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