Loss of the Titanic


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by Washington Dodge

Mr Dodge was an editor for Time magazine and wrote of his Titanic experiences in a narrative titled “The Loss of the Titanic.” The voyage he described as “…a perfect one.” And it was hard to realize when he was dining in the spacious dining saloon at sea that he was not in a large, elegant hotel on land. The sea was so smooth that he felt the same strolling on her wide decks as if he were walking down Market Street in San Francisco. At the time of the collision with the iceberg, he and his wife had gone to bed and were awakened by the shock and he was aware the engines had stopped. Hearing footsteps outside on the boat deck directly over their stateroom, he went there to inquire what was going on. Dodge observed for the longest time, there was little apprehension from the passengers. Talking amongst them, they felt the ship was safe and wouldn’t sink or another ship would soon come by to take them off. The atmosphere was calm and the near perfect conditions from the time of leaving Southampton formed a cocoon-like atmosphere in first class; passengers he encountered did not recognize there was any danger. His personal story is published in full in this book and was heard for the first time when he made a presentation to the exclusive Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on May 11, 1912.

36 pages. Illustrated. Softback.

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