Picture History of the SS United States


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by William H. Miller, Jr.

Like many of this vessel’s loyal followers, the author was awed by her size, speed, beautiful lines and aura of glamour. Breaking the record for the fastest time across the Atlantic, United States was hailed as the pride of America and the greatest ship of her time. All these elements are captured in a book that pays tribute to this symbol of maritime technology. More than 150 rare photographs reveal stages in the ship’s construction and christening as well as intimate views of her modern lounges with paneled walls and fireplaces, staterooms and dining rooms, a promenade, pool, theaters, a ballroom with cocktail bar and her spacious decks and glimpses of the celebrities who traveled on board. America, SS United State’s predecessor is also included in a chapter on other ships flying the U.S. flag: Grace Line, American Export, American President, Delta, Farrell, Moore-McCormack, Panama, United Fruit, Matson, famous troopships adapted for commercial service to SS Savannah. Extensive captions provide colorful commentary as well as data on tonnage, size, speed and interesting characteristics of the vessel. A comprehensive pictorial record that will appeal to maritime historians, this celebration of an American champion and centerpiece of national pride will also captivate ship lovers and all who are thrilled by sea travel.

Softback. 159 photographs, 128 pages
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