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These 1912 publications were produced to commemorate a variety of memorials. In the wake of the sinking of the Titanic the dramatic news stories captured the collective imagination of the public and their need to remember the heroes who died.

Five select reproductions from rare original publications are offered as a collection for a very limited time. They contain biographies and hard-to-find portraits of Titanic’s courageous engineers, crew and, popular actors, celebrities and the public’s efforts to help the survivors.

These special books are unique capsules in time: The Institute of Marine Engineers Memorial Dedication to the Titanic Engineering Staff, the hometown ceremony for the Captain E. J. Smith Memorial Dedication and the depth of emotion expressed for Titanic’s brave bandsmen honored at the Royal Albert Hall Titanic Band Memorial Concert. Fund raising for widows and children by The Royal Opera Covent Garden Titanic Disaster Fund includes prose and stories, and the women of America sponsor the Century Theatre Women’s Titanic Memorial for the inspiring Women’s Titanic Memorial sculpture in Washington, DC honoring Titanic’s dead.

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