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The Last Great liner

By Janette McCutcheon

There are few ocean liners that are more famous than Queen Elizabeth 2; one, Titanic, sank on her maiden voyage and Queen Mary, the famous predecessor of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2.

Since 1969, QE2 has sailed over 3 million miles, been a troopship in the Falklands War and had her main engines changed from steam to diesel.

Built at Clydebank, QE2 was the last great ocean liner and the last real ship of state ever built. She was born at a time when the jet and air travel had stolen most of the passenger trade across the Atlantic and was designed to cruise as much as brave the North Atlantic in all seasons. She is still a familiar sight in major ports around the world and has many fans, such as frequent passenger, Rod Stewart, to the thousands who have cruised or crossed the Atlantic on her.

Here is her story in words and pictures, many previously unpublished, in superb black and white and color photos, including full page spreads. Softcover. 9 X 10 inches. 100 pages.

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