RMS Queen Mary – Transatlantic Masterpiece


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By Janette McCutcheon

Conceived and constructed in the midst of the Depression, Queen Mary played many roles in her long life. Holder of the Blue Riband and one of the fastest liners of her time, she began as the stateliest ship afloat. Only a few years after entering service she was requisitioned as a troop ship carrying hundreds of thousands of soldiers around the world. Her great speed was an asset helping to avoid U-boats. When the war ended she brought war brides and their children to their new homes. Recommissioned in 1947 she joined her consort, Queen Elizabeth on their weekly express service across the Atlantic. The Mary’s quality design and her sheer size made her a favorite for transatlantic passengers before the arrival of jet travel. By the mid-60s, her retirement was imminent and the City of Long Beach purchased her as a floating hotel and tourist attraction. Today, she is still lovely. In peacetime, RMS Queen Mary was the grandest ship afloat and was the ship to be seen in. Built in Scotland and fitted out with the best of British material, she was luxurious and still is, a masterpiece of British craftsmanship.

Softback. 100 pages. Loads of archival photos, advertising and unpublished illustrations in color and black and white.

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