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September 1964 Volume I, No VI Californian Issue, strong opinions from both sides.

Contents in this Issue

TEA Bows to Unsinkable Molly by Ed Kamuda, Movie Unsinkable Molly Brown opens.

What’s New with TEA Members: Survivors: Amy McMicken, Laura Buzzell, Ernest Allen and A. E. Lewis new Honour Members; Fred Fleet visits Ernest Kermish and Mr Beecham

The Case Against Captain Stanley Lord by Ed Kamuda, Californian’s Seaman Gill’s story to Boston reporters.

TEA Spotlight Michael Ravetti by Frank Casilio

Stranger in the Night by Ed Kamuda, against Capt. Lord, defends Third Officer Groves on Californian

To New York with Titanic Collection and Mother by Bob Gibbons.

Californian photographs, Mt Temple, Capt Lord and Officers

Chart of Titanic and other ships’ locations in ice.

The Case for the Californian by W Leslie Harrison, General Secretary MMSA, an experienced seaman lays out a strong case against TEA armchair sailors. One of many examples — rockets seen by Californian weren’t at the time Titanic fired hers nor did they have a report which distress signals must have.

Lord of the Californian by Stanley Tutton Lord, Captain Lord’s son describes his father’s life and how unaffected he was throughout most of his life.

Sketch of Californian’s bridge and chart room.

Sketch of Ice positions and ships on night of April 14-15 1912.

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