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June 1965 Volume I, No IX Underwater Salvage Issue

Photograph and letter from NASA Astronauts, Virgil Grissom and John Young to TEA on Unsinkable Molly Brown. Reflections of a Disaster by Edward Kamuda What is the state of wreckage in 1965?

Contents in this Issue

The Mudslide of 1929 by Bob Gibbons. Did the underwater earthquake cover the ship on the bottom?

No Man Shall Wrest Her Free by Frank Cronican. Diagrams. Salvage was not an option in 1965.

Verses on the Titanic Victims, a poem by Katherine Tynam.

She Shall Return….Someday by Ed Kamuda. wreck will be found; Cousteaus new SCUBA apparatus and improvements in underwater technology, Trieste II, will make salvage possible. Sketches.

Sketch: Return of the Titanic by William Muller. Drawing of wreck lifted by gasoline-filled pontoons.

He Tried to Save His Brother (Ernest Allen)…and Missed the Boat by Geoffrey Bowell. Stoker’ true life account from sinking Titanic.

New Book: Titanic and Californian by Peter Padfield

From National Geographic, a list of articles on Ocean Diving 1931/1965.

Interest in finding/raising Titanic wreck from earlier dives.

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