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April 1966 Volume I, No XI Crew Issue

Contents in this Issue

Titanic Memorial Without a Pedestal by Edward Kamuda. Womens’ Titanic Memorial is dismantled, moved from the banks of Potomac tgo make room for Kennedy Center.

Fate of the Titanic, a poem by William Nimmo.

Titanic crew photos: A. W. May, G. Kearl, Sawyer, T. Hunt, T. Preston A. Stanbrook sent to Ed Kamuda by Titanic crewman John Podesta.

Titanic crew on Adriatic and cabinet photo with A Oliver, G. Moore, W. Perkins, F. Fleet, W. Brice, E. Archer given to Ed Kamuda by lookout Frederick Fleet.

Shattered Star Fortells of Disaster! Titanic Steward Arthur Lewis by Ed Kamuda. A first person account of the sinking w/Account of Wages document.

Photographs: Titanic crew, Harold Lowe, CH Lightoller. John Podesta, Walter Williams, Arthur McMiken, Sam Collins, Ernest Allen, George Rowe, Leo Hyland, C Savage, Alfred Pugh, G Pryor.

Titanic and Other Ships, list of 27 ships involved with the Titanic by Joe Carvalho.

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