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CARPATHIA, Ship of Widows, Volume II, Issue XXII, Summer 1979

Contents in this Issue

Entire issue devoted to CARPATHIA.

Recalling the TITANIC Disaster, Mrs. Paul Schabert.

Relives TITANIC Tragedy by Marilyn Davies, photos.

A Passage Into History by Lawrence B. Stoudenmire; photos. G. J. Rencher,
Eyewitness to History on CARPATHIA, autographed photos, compiled by Ed Kamuda.

Years Have Not Diminished Impact of Disaster at Sea by Michael Menzer.

“Sargeant” Cargill Remembers the CARPATHIA’s Dash by Ed Kamuda; photos.

RMS CARPATHIA, from The Marine Engineer, 9/1/02, crew, photos, wreck of ship, stationery, landing card.

Capt. Sir Arthur Henry Rostron, KBE, RD, RNR by Ed Kamuda.

Handwritten report of survivors, medals.

THS/Maritime Experts Launch Drive to Save Cunard Signs in NYC by Ed Kamuda.

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