The Titanic Commutator Issue 165


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We hope you enjoy the last in the series of Ken Marschall’s tour de force of outtakes from Ghosts of the Abyss with more superlative sights. In Part 3 you will find previously unpublished images of Titanic‘s exterior and interior, including inside her A-deck promenades, D-deck entrance vestibules, new close-ups of the china in the fallen sideboard, elevator grills, third-class Open Space and stairwells, crew hospital, the engines, behind-the-scenes “ghosts” shooting at Fox Studios Baja, and more. Outtakes are images that weren’t selected for either the adult or juvenile 3-D companion books, not the movie itself. A few of the shots were seen in the film, now available on DVD in an expanded 90-minute program available in our Museum shop. But just because they weren’t selected by the editors doesn’t mean the images aren’t just as compelling. We are truly appreciative of Ken’s considerable contribution of time and effort involved to record this remarkable three-part series that is an important ingredient of Titanic history.

Queen Mary 2, the largest liner in the world, completed her first crossing from Southampton on April 22, 2004 and more Cunard history was made April 25 as Queen Elizabeth 2 left New York for her last transatlantic crossing accompanied by Queen Mary 2. John Maxtone-Graham describes the new ship and we are treated to a virtual tour of this great lady.

William MacQuitty, one of our original Honor Members, is remembered. His signature film, A Night to Remember was an inspiration to a young Edward Kamuda who was mesmerized by the drama.

With all the recent Titanic auctions this venerable Titanic menu made one more appearance and we hope it’s the last.

Walter Lord’s gravestone is illustrated and another memorial placed on Titanic by Dr. Ballard in July 1986, now missing, is replaced.


Contents in this Issue

Ghosts of the Abyss; The Outtakes, compiled by Ken Marschall, Part III

Descending into the Abyss
Officers Quarters
Boat Deck
Deck Deterioration
Entrance Vestibules, D Deck
The Sideboard
Third-class Open Space
Crew Areas and Cargo Hold
The Stern
The Engines
Acting like Ghosts

William “Bill” MacQuitty by Edward Kamuda

Queen Mary 2 by John Maxtone-Graham

Titanic Menu Resurfaces by Karen Kamuda

Return to TITANIC 1986-2004 Dr. Robert Ballard Replaces the Original Memorial Plaque

Walter Lord’s Memorial by Scott Mauger

Front Cover: Mir-2 creeps along at the foot of Titanic’s towering starboard high-pressure reciprocating engine, still standing tall in the stern section.

Back Cover: The haunting remains of a deckhouse glow eerily in the light of a Mir submersible. In the foreground is the open window of first-class stateroom Y, on the port side of Boat Deck, and just beyond, the window to a bathroom. The inset, Captain Edward Smith poses near the same spot 89 years earlier.

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