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While researching one subject, one often uncovers information that opens a door to an entirely different category, that is what makes history so fascinating. One of our favorite TV programs was a series called, Connections where a variety of seemingly unconnected happenings and behavior affected an entirely different set of circumstances that, in a roundabout way, resulted in a connection to an event in history.

The issue contains research of several years by the author and Bruce Andrews describing an incident when Oceanic (I) was chartered to the Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company, a thumbnail of the company appeared in the previous issue. The story of the tragic collision of Oceanic and the City of Chester is one that has been mostly forgotten and the information presented will bring to light a long, lost story in White Star history. That is what we continually strive for in this journal.

The Bulgarians on Titanic is another example of fresh data and hard work that is being published for the first time. Brian Hartig spent four years gathering and transcribing the information.

Peter Davies-Garner describes the challenge of moving his beautiful Titanic scale model, that will grace the new Titanic Branson exhibition later this year, in Another Belfast Trip. The title, a play on words, was the first leg of the journey from his shop in Germany to Belfast. Speaking of that famous ship-building city, we conclude the series, Farewell Harland & Wolff with a Then and Now perspective of the Thompson Graving Dock, a magnificent engineering feat and the best preserved dry dock at the Yard.

Ocean liners in their heyday, were the center of attraction for the celebrity and gossip columnists in the big city newspapers. The Ship News Agency, was just such a place where exciting stories about the rich and famous passengers and the even more glamorous ships arriving originated. This one begins with an invitation to inspect the newest and largest liner in the world in April 1912….

Contents in this Issue

Another Belfast Trip by Peter Davies-Garner.

Farewell Harland & Wolff, Conclusion, thanks to Tom McCluskie, Simon Mills, Peter Davies-Garner Thompson.

Graving Dock, Main Office Building, Titanic Smoking Room Tile.

Oceanic (I) and the City of Chester, Part 2 Conclusion, by Karen Kamuda.

Oceanic(I) and City of Chester Passenger Lists.

Titanic’s Bulgarian Links by Brian Hartig.

Bulgarians Aboard Titanic (Passenger List) by Brian Hartig.

Titanic and The Shipping News, Part 1 by Jack Lawrence.

Sea Poste: Topics include International Ice Patrol April 2005 Titanic Wreath Drop; Purchasing passage for a servant; Why didn’t survivors wait for rescue on an iceberg? Who insured Titanic? Who built Titanic’s lifeboats? Has anyone in THS heard about Morgan Robertson’s 1898 “Futility”? A student asks about salvaging Titanic; Collectible questions: Lillian Benham’s Landing Card on eBay? “Titanic” cufflinks on eBay, antique “Titanic” binoculars and an old “Titanic” telescope.

Titanic Launch Weekend Information.

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