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Volume 29, 2005

Lady Duff-Gordon, who designed “naughty underwear and is a favorite of the Royals” described by Rose in Jim Cameron’s, “Titanic” (1998) is seen in a new light by Randy Bigham. He concentrates on her notoriety as a fashion designer which made her rich and famous. The painting depicting Lady Duff-Gordon with one of her pet Pekingese on her lap, was created by Philip de Laslo in 1913 titled “Sketch of a Lady.”

The controversial £5 check paid to the crew in the lifeboat by the Duff-Gordons which Titanic aficionados associate her and Sir Cosmo, is described in a separate article.

Many important vessels were lost in 1915 and the First World War would claim hundreds. The medium of the day that captured the news besides daily newspapers were illustrated magazines that hired first-rate artists and photographers. Published weekly and printed on glossy paper, they are a wonderful resource when looking into the past. The loss of Lusitania and Arabic (II) ninety years ago, as featured in editions of The Sphere is highlighted in this issue.

We are proud to announce an expanded and revised edition of Frank Goldsmith’s autobiography that will be published and available by the end of this year: Titanic Eyewitness: My Story, Written by a Survivor in Third Class. Echoes in the Night was published in 1991, and is out of print. Titanic Eyewitness is a larger format like The Commutator, the book will contain additional information, photographs, an index and an appendix from which this article, Titanic and Samson was adapted.

The Shipping News was a place where exciting stories about rich and famous passengers and the even more glamorous ships arriving originated. The conclusion is in this issue and what happened to an invitation to inspect the newest and largest liner in the world in April 1912…

Contents in this Issue

Lucile’s Frills; Old Threads, New Focus by Randy Bigham and Helen Drouais.

The Titanic Inquiry and a £5 Check, Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff-Gordon.

Titanic and Samson, Adapted from Titanic Eyewitness: My Story.

Titanic and The Shipping News, Part 2, Conclusion by Jack Lawrence.

90 Years Ago: Sinking of Lusitania.

90 Years Ago: Sinking of Arabic (II).

Sea Poste: Topics include; Last Mysteries of the Titanic program; Was the Titanic British or American? Was the Grand Staircase supported with a steel frame? How Many tickets for Titanic were not sold? Were there circus animals on board? What is a builder’s plaque and what ship did it come from?

Back cover: Arabic (II) at the Landing Stage in Liverpool with the tenders Magnetic and Pontic alongside. The postcard’s owner purchased it on board RMS Arabic in 1906 but did not mail it. Penciled in, “…in which we returned home. Arabic was sunk by the Germans and is now at the bottom of the ocean. Many lives lost. Wilson “wrote a note.”

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