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This issue of The Titanic Commutator is a special one, not only to the amount of pages dedicated to illustrating the 50th anniversary convention but also a tribute to those who participated. The five memorable days cannot be duplicated, it was a magical time.

Those of us who live outside of the South, the warmth, courtesy and general hospitality received was a characteristic many of us are not used to. Combined with the mild, sunny weather, the location and hotel was a dream venue. Letters received in the few weeks after the convention confirm the same, some are in the column, SeaPoste.

The convention’s theme revolved around the THS, its accomplishments and the talent and knowledge of its officers and members.

President Ed Kamuda opened Wednesday evening with a video about THS’s 50 years. For the newer members, to learn that the THS was involved in the first Titanic model kit, one of the first TV programs researching Titanic, finding Britannic, publishing the first crew list and the names, addresses of the victims in Halifax, conventions with survivors, Titanic Heritage Tours and more firsts.

Thursday began with a visit to Titanic Pigeon Forge. Free admission to the museum attraction was extended to the group throughout the convention. The evening was a coach trip into the mountains for a gourmet Welcome Dinner followed by THS officers and former ones talking about memorable experiences.

Friday was Speakers’ Day with a variety of programs including John Allen on CQD Titanic, Paul Louden-Brown on Arabic (II), Darrell Rooney on Titanic Heritage Tours and Don Lynch on the Titanic set in Mexico. The THS Big Raffle, always a favorite, completed Friday’s events.

Saturday was a beautiful, clear, sunny day, with weather we had been hoping for. Three coaches picked up the group at our hotel for a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains and the top at Newfound Gap. Breathtakingly beautiful.

The evening of the THS 50th Anniversary Gala was the highlight of the convention and what we all were waiting for. Dressed to the nines, members drove up to Titanic Pigeon Forge. The ship, bathed in light was a looked glamorous, like a midnight sailing from New York. The 3rd Deck banquet room was exquisite in crystal and sterling ambience. The dinner of filet mignon and salmon was first class and completed with a five-tier 50th anniversary cake in THS colors. Ken Marschall’s talk, “Bringing Titanic to Life” topped off the perfectly planned night.

Sunday came too quickly and is always bittersweet. A Sunday morning THS Remembrance Service led by Revs. George Demass and Mark Statler brought the members together to remember why we gather. An official group picture was scheduled late morning at Titanic Pigeon Forge. The final venue was a traditional, down home Southern Sunday dinner where we all said our goodbyes until the next time we meet.

Two other articles are in this issue. Parks Stephenson once again wows Commutator readers with his CG illustrations and text showing areas of Titanic where little is known or seen in his Part II, Resurrecting Titanic, The Computer-Generated Imagery for James Cameron’s “Exploring the Deep: The Titanic Expeditions. The book is available in the Titanic Museum Store.

Clint Olivier offers food for thought with Titanic and Vestris, Some Similarities. There are similarities between the two disasters but one factor that sets them apart is their respective legacies. Of the two Belfast-built ships, Vestris is mostly unknown to history while the story of Titanic has reached mythical proportions.


THS 50th Anniversary Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN

Wednesday, September 4 “Looking Back THS 50 Amazing Years”
Thursday, September 5 Titanic Pigeon Forge Day
Friday, September 6 THS Speakers Day
Saturday, September 7 THS Gala Anniversary Day-Saturday Afternoon
Saturday, September 7 THS Gala Anniversary Day-Saturday Evening
Sunday, September 8 THS Remembrance Day
Sunday Morning
Sunday, September 8 THS Remembrance Day
Sunday Morning Group Photo
Sunday, September 8 THS Remembrance Day
Sunday Afternoon Awards


The Computer-Generated Imagery for James Cameron’s “Exploring the Deep: The Titanic Expeditions”
By Parks Stephenson

By Clint Olivier

This column includes letters from members who were unable to attend, their good wishes, and Thank Yous from a sampling of members who enjoyed the convention.

Starboard at Midnight, A Story of Two Titanic Passengers by Helen Behr Sanford, reviewed by Andy Bullock; A Titanic Love Story, Ida and Isador Straus by June Hall McCash, reviewed by Tim Trower; The Autobiography of Isador Straus by Straus Historical Society reviewed by Tim Trower; RMS Caronia––Cunard’s Green Goddess by William Miller and Brian Hawley, reviewed by Tim Trower.

Front cover: The magnificent five-tier 50th Anniversary cake created for the Titanic Historical Society was made by Shannon Bishop of Cakes by Bakin’ Bishop of Pigeon Forge. It tasted as good as it looked.

Back cover: The official THS 50th Anniversary group photo, Sunday, September 8, 2013. (The true number is not reflected in the group photo due to some members having to leave to catch flights.) Photos: Karen Kamuda

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