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This is the (fourth) final issue for 2014 THS membership, we hope you will renew for 2015. Thank you.

The Dedication of the Titanic Centennial Memorial Garden and Walkway takes precedence in this issue. It is the result of work that began five years ago and is the largest project ever undertaken by the Titanic Historical Society.

In the words of THS Vice President, Paul Phaneuf, delivered on September 20, 2014:
“We are gathered here today in the peaceful surroundings of beautiful Oak Grove Cemetery in Springfield for the dedication of this long awaited project. In 2009, our beloved founder, Ed Kamuda, Karen and myself, met to discuss this project. Our vision was for a lasting memorial to Titanic which we would dedicate on the 100th Anniversary. We envisioned a beautiful black granite monument which would be a lasting memorial for future generations. I contacted John Mikuszewski of Notre Dame Memorials in South Hadley and with his expertise under the direction of Ed and Karen, a design was formulated for this beautiful memorial. Despite two setbacks, one of me being severely injured in a fall in late 2009, and a refusal from historic Springfield Cemetery where our beloved Springfield resident Milton Clyde Long was interred, the project continued under the watchful eye of Ed and Karen. Oak Grove Cemetery in the center of the city was suggested and a meeting was scheduled with the Board of Directors and John Huffman, the superintendent. With their blessing and their donation of this plot of land, the memorial came to fruition and was dedicated in April of 2012. Plans were then made for a beautiful landscaped park around the memorial which was designed by Gary Courchesne and his staff of G & H Landscape Design of Holyoke. As the work progressed, Karen was here each day coordinating this labor of love. I would never imagined when this all began in 2009, that this would be the final resting place of our founder and president, Ed Kamuda, who dedicated his entire life to preserve the history and memory of Titanic.

Today, we gather to honor the memory of all who sailed on that beautiful ship. I truly believe that Ed is home with all the passengers and crew of the Titanic saying ‘well done’ to all of us for this beautiful memorial and landscaped park.”

Also in this issue is a thought-provoking article by Simon Mills, Last Voyage of the Californian, “To look at the log book of the Californian it is actually quite difficult to understand why this should be, because it actually contains no reference to the calamity that had overtaken the Titanic; but for the death on board of Fireman William Kennerdale while the vessel was tied up at Boston on the evening of 24th April, or the desertion the following day of Fireman Ernest Gill, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Californian’s voyage had been completely routine.”

Other features include Squash Attendant Frederick Wright; 3rd class survivor, Olga Anderson, Harland & Wolff Honors its Fallen in World War One. Also Vintage Vignettes: Olympic and, surprise!, a sailboat that was crewed by Thomas Andrews is owned and is being restored by one of our THS members.


Building and Dedicating the Titanic Centennial Memorial Garden and Walkway

Memorial Garden and Walkway Dedication

Gala Celebration Dinner

Thomas Andrews Crewed in My Boat!
By Paul Louden-Brown

Harland & Wolff Honours its Fallen in the Great War
Syren and Shipping

Frederick Wright Squash Attendant RMS Titanic

The Last Voyage of the SS Californian
By Simon Mills

“My Life hasn’t Been Especially Remarkable”
Olga (Lundin) Anderson 3rd Class Titanic Survivor

Vintage Vignettes: Olympic

Letters from THS members and friends remembering Edward Kamuda.

Into the Danger Zone, Sea Crossings of the First World War
By Tad Fitch & Mike Poirier, reviewed by Mark Chirnside

FRONT AND BACK COVERS: Two views of the completed Titanic Centennial Memorial Garden and Walkway at Oak Grove Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts on September 19, 2014, the afternoon before the official Dedication. Photos: Karen Kamuda

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