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The THS Convention Boston 2016 was a wonderful weekend thanks to the work of the committee and volunteers. Illustrated in dozens of great photos, we included everyone which was a challenge, plus show all the various programs, enjoy; relive it, and for members who didn’t come, hope to see you next time.

The Great Gale of 1898, a natural disaster of epic proportions, was also known as the Portland Gale, due to the loss of the largest steamer in eastern New England. The weather on the afternoon of November 26, 1898, showed a light wind with a yellowish sky. Hours later, out of the blue, a monstrous storm suddenly hit causing havoc and death. From New York to Maine over 400 vessels, 5,000 homes and buildings were destroyed and hundreds of lives were lost as the storm raged for 36 hours. No future storm caused as much damage because the system of transportation of freight and people changed. The fleets of steamers and small craft plying up and down the New England coast have vanished from our coastal marine highways. The 1898 gale could also be called “the perfect storm” of the 19th century.

Senan Molony presents two thought-provoking articles: the first is about Alfred Crawford, a crucial Titanic witness but many will be unfamiliar with his name because the long-bemoaned absence of a simple photograph has militated against his getting due prominence. He gave succinct, striking evidence, which is relatively rare in a witness. He is particularly important in relation to the mystery ship, seen off the port bow as the Titanic was sinking.

His second feature concerns George Frederick Crow, a Titanic steward who joined Fifth Officer Harold Lowe in his journey back to the site of disaster that night. The Titanic crewman’s origins have been mistaken by websites dedicated to the tragedy because they were based on searches for the birth of a George Frederick Crowe, rather than Crow.


New England’s Titanic: The Tragic Loss of the Steamer Portland
Archival Sources and Newpaper Extracts
Similarities of Portland and Titanic — Premonitions of Disaster
Portland’s Wreck Found

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Our THS: A Future of Endless Possibilities
By Paul Burns

Crawford on Camera Cries Out for Critical Thinking
By Senan Molony

A Crow’s Nest in the USA
By Senan Molony

THS Boston Convention 2016
Hilton Hotel, 9/11 Memorial/Logan Airport
Friday: Boston Tour, Hors d’oeuves and Authors, Spring Buffet, Darrell Rooney
Titanic People in Mt. Auburn Cemetery: Don Lynch
Saturday: Mt. Auburn Cemetery Tour, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, Paul Burns, Dave Gardner, Carol Goodwin, Gala Dinner, Richie Kohler, Ken Marschall
Sunday: Remembrance Service, THS Grand Raffle, Unveiling of Titanic Centennial Memorial Model

Front cover: Model of the ill-fated steamer Portland. Kamuda collection
Back cover: THS Boston 2016 attendees. Dave Demarco


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