The Titanic Commutator Issue 233


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Titanic Historical Society Commutator 233

THS Commutator No. 233, Spring 2nd Quarter
Membership Year 2021


Olympic: The Maiden Voyage
By Ray Lepien
This is a special issue devoted to Olympic’s Maiden Voyage.

March 31, 1911
Page 5

Interior Accommodations
Page 10

Page 14

May 31, 1911
Page 15

Service Transfer to Southampton
Page 16

Page 16

Page 17

The White Star Dock
Page 17

Southampton Celebrations
Page 19

Labor and Strikers
Page 22

Sailing Day
Page 23

Page 26

Page 26

Tenders Ireland and America
Page 27

Deck Games
Page 33

Arrival in New York
Page 35

Chelsea Piers
Page 36

Press Interviews
Page 38

A Wednesday Ship
Page 39

Departure From New York
Page 41

Front Cover:  A print of Olympic, the Largest British Steamer reproduced from an original oil painting by maritime artist Fred Pansing by the Van Dyke Gravure Company of New York. (THS collection)
Back Cover:  A Tucks Oilette postcard of Olympic postmarked 10:30 am June 14 1911 shortly before Olympic sailed on her maiden voyage. The writer said, “Dear Aunt: There is some big time around here. Couldn’t get a job so have ticket to go in about an hour. Thanking you for your exceeding kindness. Gus Lousley” (Kamuda collection)