The Titanic Relief Fund


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(Money Families Received)

What a fascinating book chock full of information! The Titanic Relief Fund oversaw financial aid to widows and orphans of the Titanic disaster for many years. The fund was initiated by the Lord Mayor of London to raise money by public subscription to assist dependents of crew and passengers who were left destitute. As well as British and Irish families, there are hundreds of names categorized by country, nationality, relationship, amount, etc. Example – France: Widow Louise Laroche received £130; Mexico: Widow Uruchurtu received £150. Syria: Widow Youssef received £50. A list of Titanic crew dependents such as Maud Bell (widow of the chief engineer who died) and children Marjorie Clare, Eileen Maud and Ralph Douglas Bell. Thousands of entries of personal details of the affected families.

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