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New! A wonderful biography on Walter Lord.


Walter Lord on His Life and Books

Edited by Jenny Lawrence

Ask any Titanic buff what got them interested in reading about the Titanic disaster and the majority will say A Night to Remember and Walter Lord’s books. Jenny Lawrence was a child when Walter was a familiar person in her house as her father was his editor. Walter’s stories made history romantic and fun and she learned history need not be dull. He wrote stories from a very human perspective, the experience of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. This is a book Titanic people who knew Walter and those wanted to know more about him will read and cherish for this is a biography by a person who spent a lot of time with him and really knew the man. Jenny Lawrence presents a fascinating look behind the scenes of Walter’s life and his best-selling books. Softcover. 294 pages. Illustrations in color and black and white.

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