The White Star Collection – A Shipping Line in Postcards


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The White Star Collection

A Shipping Line in Postcards

By Patrick Mylon

A sumptuous and delightful collection of postcards tracing the illustrious White Star Line. This evocative book explores the colorful story in personal postcards and messages from passengers and crew to the careers of the vessels in peacetime and in war.

The White Star Line was originally founded in Liverpool in 1845 to travel to Australia and was eventually purchased by Thomas Ismay who transformed his Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. Into a success. Partnering with Harland and Wolff, the line focused on luxury over speed, developing many of the world’s favorite vessels—Oceanic, Titanic, Olympic, Britannic, and Majestic. Merging with its great rival, Cunard in the 1930s depression, the Companies continued to operate separately while flying both company flags.

The author has been collecting postcards of White Star Line for nearly 30 years, amassing a grand collection. This beautiful book includes ships with alternative identities, unusual stories like the planned escape of Dr. Crippen and his famous interception, and showcases a wide variety of interior views, advertisements and unpublished “proof,” silk and Company Issue cards, conveying the glamour, drama, and history of this world-renowned line. 192 pages. Hardcover.

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