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The White Star Royal and United States Mail Steamer


Rigging, Longitudinal and Deck Plans Showing A-B-C-D-E-F-Lower & Orlop Deck

The story of Titanic and why she arouses so much interest may lie in the position that she held in the world of 1912. Titanic was not simply a means of conveying people from a place they wished to leave to a place they wanted to be, as is the case with most modern ships. She was a floating symbol of status, almost a materialized article of social faith. The White Star Line succeeded in establishing their grandest ship as a symbol of safety, luxury, exclusiveness and social privilege. That world was destroyed on the night of April 14-15, 1912 when millionaires and immigrants in third class shared the common experience of death. An Astor or a Guggenheim was struck down as quickly as a stoker. It marked the end of an era; the smugness and snugness of the Edwardian illusion that there were no limits to man’s ingenuity and progress. In place came the hard recognition of the onset of the age of insecurity. All in all the sinking of Titanic marks a partition in human history, a demonstration of man’s fate in a microcosm and, for this reason, in addition to its essential drama, will always arouse interest as a tragedy of historic and epic magnitude.

This handsome rigging and deck plan looks great framed. A beautifully-detailed reference to the famous ship.

Outside measurement: 17 inches x 22 inches.

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