Titanic Mementoes Collection


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Titanic Mementoes


Reproduction mementoes from the world’s most famous ship are in this unique collection from the archives of the Titanic Historical Society, The National Archives (UK), Onslows Auctions, Ltd, National Maritime Museum and Southampton City Council Arts and Heritage. Included are replicas of a wireless from Titanic to S.S. Birma “We have struck and iceberg…” telegram; a crewman’s sign-on certificate; an April 14, 1912 second class menu and an April 11, 1912 first class menu; advertising flyers for Vinolia Soap, a cutaway of the ship brochure and a poster of her sailing from New York on April 20, 1912 and letter of condolence from the Dockworker’s Union, Southampton. Also is Titanic’s first class passenger list, a letter written on Titanic stationer, eight different Titanic postcards including color interiors, “Nearer My God to Thee” sheet music in English and French; Titanic’s Transcript of Register to the Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen which is Titanic’s official government document; an abridged edition of the Daily Graphic newspaper reporting on the sinking of the Titanic.

Buy a bunch. Ideal a favors for Titanic dinners, school projects, scrapbooking with a Titanic theme are just a few ideas you can use in this inexpensive Titanic Mementoes Collection. Definitely a must-have addition to a Titanic buff’s collection.

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