Titanic Victims


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in Halifax Graveyards

By Blair Beed

“They shall rest quietly in our midst. . . their story shall be told to our children and our children’s children.” The words of the Reverend Clarence MacKinnon, Principal, Pine Hill Presbyterian College, were spoken at the memorial service for Titanic victims held at Brunswick Street Methodist Church, Halifax, May 3, 1912.

For 85 years the Titanic victims did rest quietly in our midst. The movie Titanic released in 1997 created a renewed interest in the burial sites in Halifax. In particular, the name of the lead male character in the movie would bring a rush of teenage girls to the grave of coal trimmer, J. Dawson. Visitors have many questions. Why were some of the 328 bodies found, buried at sea? Why was Halifax chosen as the port where 209 bodies would be landed? Why were 59 bodies sent elsewhere for burial and the rest buried in Halifax?

Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards tells the intriguing and little known story of why 150 of the passengers and crew, from the ill-fated maiden voyage of the 55 Titanic bound for New York, were buried in the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Using official reports and newspaper articles an outline of life onboard the ship and in society of 1912, is given. The care for the dead taken by the crews of the recovery ships and the waiting people of Halifax is evident. Whether visiting the gravesites in person and putting a face to the story or reading from a distance, this book will add to your Titanic library.

Softcover. 162 pages. Lavishly illustrated with historic photos and newspapers in black & white.

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