Transatlantic Liners In Picture Postcards


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by Robert McDougall and Robin Gardiner

Here is a vivid pictorial tribute to the golden age of transatlantic travel using an extensive collection of historic postcards and maritime memorabilia. With the recent introduction into service of the new Cunard liner, Queen Mary 2, the age of the transatlantic liner is set for a revival. The first great liner, the Great Western in 1838, began the start of an era into which ship design rapidly progressed and ever larger, iron-hulled, screw propulsion liners were built to carry the rapidly growing number of passengers to and from the New World. By the late 19th century the golden age of liners was truly underway when passengers could travel in luxury from Britain and European countries to the United States on magnificent greyhounds of the sea competing for the Blue Riband for the fastest crossing. The names, Lusitania, Mauretania, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Hamburg, France, Normandie and the United States are redolent of a long-lost age before air travel altered the economics of transatlantic travel after World War II. The American Line, White Star Line, Holland America and many classic ships are included in this magnificent parade of great liners. Illustrated mainly in color with some black and white cards as they appeared. Hardcover.130 pages.

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