White Star Line Brass Buttons – Set of 12


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Set of 12 – Perfect for a Dress Jacket

Here’s a fantastic idea for your Titanic Dinner Party or special occasion. Now you can wear the real button––the authentic brass buttons the officers on Titanic wore. Both sizes for your cuffs and jacket included. The regulation size White Star Line button was made to the exacting standards required by a company known for quality metal buttons that are made for the US armed forces, airlines, steamship companies including the White Star Line. A little known fact is that companies in the U.S. also manufactured for the prestigious White Star Line. In 1902, when J. Pierpont Morgan’s International Mercantile Marine Company added the White Star Line to his list of shipping companies, American businesses as well as their British counterparts were sought in order to have suppliers on both sides of the Atlantic. The Waterbury Button Company was chosen to make the White Star logo button for officers’ uniforms. Since 1812, the Waterbury Button Company has crafted the world’s most popular metal buttons. When Ulysses S. Grant met General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Courthouse marking the end of the Civil War, both men wore them on their chests. You can make your own history by choosing the 12 button set like the officers’ jackets on Titanic.

Cast in brass in a premium gold finish. Each set comes in a royal burgundy velvet gift box.

Note: Velvet box pictured shows a set of 9 buttons.

We also offer a set of 10 buttons.


Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in