White Star Luggage Stickers


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White Star Luggage Stickers

23 Professional Grade, Life-Size, Vintage Luggage Stickers

These vintage advertising works of art decorated steamer trunks and travel bags on White Star liners bound for Southampton, Cherbourg, Liverpool, Queenstown/Cobh — ports across the broad Atlantic ocean.

Twenty-three professional grade life-size luggage stickers, available only though the Titanic Museum Store, include White Star Line, White Star/Dominion, and Cunard White Star facsimiles. These gorgeous illustrations brim with nostalgia for the White Star glory years of transatlantic travel.

Brilliantly colored, large, life-like, easy to peel off, mounted on convenient sized heavy-duty 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for handling. Strong peel and stick stickers don’t have to be permanent, they can be peeled off and removed if you wish to change them.

Ideal for creating realistic authenticity for Titanic Dinners, a wide variety of art projects, scrapbooking, print and poster decorations, collages, party favors, personalized stationery, giftwrap, even wall décor.

Your special event will be admired and truly unique with these White Star Luggage Stickers.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 12.5 × 1 in