Loss of Steamship Titanic Report by the British Board of Trade


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British Board of Trade Report into Loss of Steamship Titanic (abridged)

Senator William Alden Smith (R) of Michigan presented to the US Senate in Washington DC August 20, 1912, an abridged report of the formal investigation by the Board of Trade (British Government and Lord Mersey) into the foundering of the Steamship Titanic. Cover illustration is Joseph Bruce Ismay, Director of the International Mercantile Marine Company, giving evidence at the Board of Trade inquiry in London. The contents contain fascinating statistics about Titanic’s structure, watertight compartments, decks and accommodations, life-saving appliances, electrical installation, machinery, sailing orders, route followed, ice messages received, speed, weather, description of collision, extent of damage, time which damage was done, flooding in the first ten minutes, the boats, conduct of Mr Ismay and Sir C. Duff Gordon, third-class passengers, Carpathia, numbers saved, and much more. A wealth of information that was necessary and expected at a Government inquiry. 92 pages. Softcover.

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