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The Darling of the Dutch

By William H. Miller

Entering service in 1938, the Nieuw Amsterdam was the Holland America Line flagship until the construction of the Rotterdam in the late 1950s. Her pre-war life was short and she was used as a troopship during the Second World War, carrying many thousands of Allied troops to all corners of the world. Of 36,000 tons, she was the largest vessel built in Rotterdam and was launched by Queen Wilhelmina in April 1937. A perennial favorite of the Dutch and their finest Ship of State, Nieuw Amsterdam remained in Holland America Line service until 1974, the last ship to retain Holland America Lines’ familiar green, yellow and white funnels. Despite boiler problems in 1967, she was refitted with US Navy surplus boilers and sailed on, cruising until withdrawn from service in 1974. Sailing to the breakers, the Art Deco “Darling of the Dutch” as she was affectionately known, was broken up. Today she has a following, from those who sailed on her but also those who have grown to appreciate the importance of the Nieuw Amsterdam in terms of ocean liner design. Cover paintings by Stephen Card. Softcover. Illustrated in color and archival black and white photos. 100 pages.

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