The Lusitania Controversies 1 & 2


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The Lusitania is one of the most notorious shipwrecks in seafaring history, not only because of the circumstances of her sinking by a German torpedo, or because of the enormous loos of life that resulted, but because the wreck has come to symbolize what is achievable in the realm of underwater exploration.

These two volumes tread new ground and water, and untold story you will not have read before beginning with construction, launch then into war which takes the reader on a breathtaking sweep through wreck-diving history — from its humble beginnings in the 1950s to the epic-making mixed gas diving expeditions in 1994 and beyond. Information on other shipwrecks. Book One details accounts of dives into the 1970s. Illustrated in colour and black and white.

312 pages Hardback. $25.00

The second of book begins where the fist ended; at the start of the 1980s known as the decade of the Doria. The Andrea Doria is synonymous with deep wreck diving and has attracted dedicated wreck divers from around the world.This book describes all the expeditions in detail, the author’s dive to the German battleship Ostfriesland as well as the territorial dispute over the Lusitania’s legal status.

392 pages. Colour illustrations. Hardback. $25.00

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