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June 1964 Volume I, No V

Contents in this Issue

Anderson’s White Star is Published.

New Honour Members welcomed: Mrs Arthur Cook, Frank Aks, Gretchen Longley Leopold, Thelma Thomas, G. W. Moran.

Editorial. Disaster Day Anniversary Story by Edward Kamuda.

In Memory of Wilfred Deable Seward, Titanic Survivor by Edward Kamuda.

Wireless Shack by Bob Gibbons.

Mummies on the Titanic by Edward Kamuda

A Titanic Map of England by Joseph Carvalho, locates Titanic/Olympic people, memorials, survivors and places including White Swan and Marquis of Granby Hotels.

Other News, Steamship Historical Society

What’s New with TEA Members, personal goings on about survivors from letters received: Amy McMicken is busying herself in her lovely garden; Gus Cohen is getting surprises from a school by being asked to relate his experiences, surprised by hearing McQuitty telling how he made the movie A Night to Remember at the same gathering.

The Sinking of the Titanic by Walter J. Williams, Titanic and Olympic crewman. Insights first-hand from the ramming of the cruiser Hawke to manning the lifeboats during Titanic’s sinking.

And This is the Olympic by Joseph Carvalho. Clarification of an earlier photograph.

Atlantic Book Service. Titanic books priced from $2.95 to $25. $25 is per copy of the two Inquiries. Robert Prechtl, Titanic, first edition $7.75. (Don’t ask!! This was 1964.)

Shipcraft Guild Reprint: The Binnacle

Monday Never Came by Frank Cronican, biography of the great liner, Titanic.

Titanic, Model of a Ship of Doom by Edward Kamuda. Kamuda spins a yarn of a model yet to be built, describes how he had a set of blueprints made.

General Arrangement, rigging plans of Titanic

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