Titanic Oceanic Tragedy


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Titanic Oceanic Tragedy

A compilation of original works by Polish American publishers

by Paul S. Valasek

Imagine adding a Titanic book to your collection because it was printed in 1912 and not being able to READ it because it was written in a foreign language. PAUL S. VALASEK assembled these rarities into one book: TITANIC OCEAN TRAGEDY containing the original 1912 text, edited errors and added notes to the corrections. These scarce Titanic books, painstakingly translated in English, are now available at an affordable price in one unit complete with their original photographs and sketches. This is a private printing of 366 pages, softcover, well-illustrated and in the style of the 1912 American published books by Logan Marshall, Marshall Everett, L. T. Myers, etc., that were printed by the thousands. You will want to add this unique work to your growing collection of Titanic books.

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