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From Harland & Wolff, the Builders of Titanic, comes a unique and authentic Titanic memento. Once these collectibles are gone, they’re gone forever.

You can own a 2 inch by 3 inch piece of the Arrol Gantry, now long gone but was built to hold the Olympic and Titanic. The steel piece is mounted on select English walnut measuring 9 inches x 12 inches and was hand-polished to a semi-lustre.

A 1911 photograph from the archives of H&W of the Titanic is protected with clear lucite. The double-layered two colour heavy brass plate was hand-engraved and has The Titanic Historical Society and the Harland & Wolff logos.

This historic artifact is numbered, authenticated and signed by Tom McCluskie, Administrative Manager of H&W and by Edward Kamuda, THS President/Founder on the Certificate of Authenticity. Less than 450 were made. Boxed for protection. Comes with an attractive period-design informative illustrated booklet on the history of the Titanic, Harland & Wolff and the Arrol Gantry.

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