Women’s Relief Committee Report on Funds for Titanic Survivors


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Women’s Relief Committee of New York

Money & Assistance Received for Titanic Survivors

Copied from the original document, a must-have companion book to the TITANIC RELIEF FUND. REPORT FOR SURVIVORS is an in-depth report of Titanic survivors in the United States (mainly widows and orphans) who applied for help after landing in New York. Even before the Carpathia arrived, a number of prominent ladies met and formed a number of committees. They appealed to dry goods stores like John Wanamaker, Abraham & Straus and similar businesses whose response was prompt and generous. A large amount of wraps were taken to meet the Carpathia upon arrival on April 19th. Every Titanic passenger recommended by their Housing Committee was provided with outfits of clothes, hats, shoes, toilet articles and suitcases. Over a 125 women and children including 20 stewardesses who sailed back to England on the Lapland were cared for. 262 men, women and children were beneficiaries. Examples: Edwina Trout $100, Leah Aks & child $100, Sarah Roth $250; Kate Buss $200, Mrs Dean and two children $750, Mrs. Emeline Goldsmith and child $500. In addition, 138 Titanic crew were clothed, 20 stewardesses were outfitted and 275 firemen and assorted crew received $2,477.77

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