The Titanic Commutator Issue 240


Titanic Historical Society Commutator 240

THS Commutator No. 240, Winter 1st Quarter, January to March 2023


Momentoes of a Maiden Voyage
A number of years ago the Breese family donated momentoes of their upcoming travel back in 1907 aboard a White Star liner which happened to be Adriatic on her maiden voyage.

A Mysterious Death Aboard Captain E. J. Smith’s Adriatic II Vintage Vignettes

Adriatic II
Adriatic marked the beginning of the giant ship era. The design of Olympic and her sister Titanic can be traced back to this ship. Many of the features introduced in Adriatic were later incorporated into the design of these ocean-going giants; Turkish baths, a photographer’s  darkroom, the plunge bath, electric lifts, a gymnasium and an enquiry office where passengers could obtain information on hotels, train timetables and tourist guides, were features White Star tested in Adriatic before developing and enlarging these ideas for the Olympic class.
By Paul Louden-Brown

Cedric is “Unsinkable” Vintage Vignettes

Actress Billie Burke Sails to New York on Baltic II

A Bad Blunder in Forwarding Mail
A rude shock to infallibility of the British Post Office when fifteen registered packages addressed to New York were sent off in a Yokohama steamer.
From The New York Times March 15, 1908

Call to Duty
The Funeral Directors’ response to the Titanic disaster. With all the old and new information concerning Titanic it would seem reasonable to think every story imaginable has been told. However, this is not entirely true for another story needed to be told and that is the work that the funeral directors of the Maritime Provinces did in caring for the dead. Here is an account of a little known but very noble part of the history of their great profession.
By Todd Van Beck (with thanks to Paul Phaneuf)

Searching for Titanic’s Dead
Interviews by John Snow Jr., Undertaker; Captain Larnder, Master, Mackay-Bennett; Rev. Canon Hind on board Mackay-Bennett; Captain DeCarteret, Master, Minia; Rev. Mr. Cunningham, on board Minia and Frederick A. Hamilton, Chief Engineer, MackayBennett.
Courtesy Public Archives ofNova Scotia (PANS)

Bruce Ismay Sails to New York on Oceanic II – Vintage Vignettes

Two Special Items from the Titanic Museum Store

Front: Front: Olympic held upoff Ryde circa April 27, 1912. Her sailing was delayed during a dispute over collapsible lifeboats following the sinking of Titanic. (THS collection)
Back: Newspaper story (unknown date) w/headline: Four Titanic Bodies Found by Govt. Steamer Montmagny (Paperless Archives)