Titanic and Liverpool


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by Alan Scarth

If you had been astern of Titanic on that fateful night in 1912, the last word to flash before your eyes as the great ship plunged beneath the waves would have been “Liverpool.” The ship’s loss, a national and international tragedy was indeed, a tragedy for the city whose connection with the disaster is often overlooked by Southampton and Belfast. This fascinating book highlights for the first time the extraordinary stories that link Britain’s pre-eminent port city with its most famous maritime loss. Drawing on material from the White Star Line archives, the extensive holdings of the Merseyside Maritime Museum and a variety of historical sources, the author, one of the curatorial staff at Merseyside Maritime Museum since 1982, unearths the back story of key characters with Liverpool locales. Many of Titanic’s officers and crew were either from Liverpool or had strong links with the port; the ship’s owners were based in the city and many of the most colorful tales to emerge from the disaster relate to Liverpool people. Titanic and Liverpool casts a new light on a familiar story and establishes the clear relationship between the doomed ship and her home port.

Softcover, loads of full page, color and archival black and white illustrations. 240 pages.

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