Titanic by Second Officer C. H. Lightoller


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Kenneth More played the role of Charles H. Lightoller in the 1957 film, A Night to Remember and in Cameron’s 1997 version, TITANIC, “Lights” is not portrayed as the heroic character seen earlier. What was the real C. H. Lightoller like? In 1935 his autobiography “Titanic and other Ships” now a hard to find and out of print book, describes his colorful life and years at sea including shipwrecks, fires and twenty working with the White Star Line. This publication concentrates on his experiences with Titanic from her week of preparations at Southampton and finding his way around the huge new ship, to collision with the iceberg, loading the lifeboats, her sinking and his miraculous rescue. An exciting and true tale written by one of the primary survivors of the disaster.

Illustrated. 42 pages. Softback

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