Loss of the Titanic


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by Captain Sir Arthur Rostron

Carpathia’s Captain Rostron raced his vessel at top speed to reach the sinking Titanic on what began as a leisurely passage to the Mediterranean from New York. His autobiography “Home from the Sea” published in 1931 describes his life at sea in sail and steam and his service on many famous vessels for the Cunard Line. This book concentrates on the Titanic disaster in which he wrote, “…I experienced the most dramatic and memorable night of my career– the night the Titanic went down.” From receiving the first S.O.S., then steaming at top speed through ice-infested waters, making preparations for passengers coming aboard, following flares in the night sky to learning the heart-wrenching news the Titanic had gone down an hour and a half earlier. The heroism and compassion shown to the survivors and tales from the eye-witnesses and newly bereaved is all here from official records and first person accounts in this experienced commander’s memoirs.

The book has 40 pages and many illustrations in black and white including the story of the Carpathia Medals. Softback.

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