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September 1965 Volume I, No X Memorial Issue Titanic Memorials Around the World, Pt 2

Contents in this Issue

Lord Case Rejected by Board of Trade by Edward Kamuda. Petition by Leslie Harrison to reopen the case to clear Capt Lord rejected.

Titanic Survivors/New Honour Members: Mrs Olga Anderson, Sweden; Louise Laroche, France; Madeleine Mann, Ontario; Harold Phillimore, and William Collopy, England; Sir James Bissett, Australia.

What’s New with THS Members: Irene Wilton endeavoring to move Titanic Crew Memorial; Ernest Allen and Gus Cohen enjoying the Commutator; William Collopy and his wife visited American Cemetery at Epinal; Madeleine Mann resting after a cold; Laura Buzzell visits her son in Delaware.

Carpathia Medal; description, Honour members Robert Vaughn and William Collopy have a bronze medal.

They Can Reach the Titanic by Edward Kamuda. Diagrams of Bathyscape, Trieste II, Aluminaut, Deepstar.

Titanic Memorials Around the World by Edward Kamuda. Photographs and descriptions of Belfast Titanic Memorial; Wireless Operators’ Battery Park
Wireless Shack: Assorted news.

The Larder of the Titanic by Bob Gibbons. The list of food, linen, china, silverware, glasses and groceries stocked.

Is Fact Stranger than Fiction? by Robin J J House. Coincidences and the supernatural.

RIP, a poem by Irene Wilton.

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