The Titanic Commutator Issue 234


Titanic Historical Society Commutator 234

THS Commutator No. 234, Summer 3rd Quarter
Membership Year 2021


White Star’s Britannic (I)
Britannic was the only White Star ship ever to hold both records (Blue Riband) at the same time.
Compiled by Mark Baber

Vintage Vignettes in White Star History
Using a new wireless system in 1901.

First Fruits of the Titanic Disaster
There has been much back and forth about the name “Gigantic.” if the White Star Line claimed they never considered the name, where did a prestigious journal such as Scientific American get their information from?
From Scientific American August 24, 1912

“Titanic Ticket”
Contrary to some Titanic items seen on the Internet labeled a “Titanic Ticket” or a so-called Boarding Pass printed on postcard-sized paper, a ticket for passage on Titanic was not postcard-sized.

Coins for History’s Eyes:
The Unsung Hero Nicholas Nasrallah
“My brother (Nicholas) was a skillful swimmer. A mountain moved within him as the Titanic sank, and he carried women and children on his shoulders, transporting them to the lifeboats. He worked against nature and the elements. How long he was at work, I could not know. No one could understand how any one man had managed to save thirty people himself, his sweet bride among them, only to disappear…”
By Anthony El-Khouri

Titanic Survivor
Elbert Hubbard spoke with a man who survived the Titanic disaster. Certain details of the anonymous survivor’s experiences are reminiscent of those of Archibald Gracie, enough differences exist to make an ironclad identification impossible. His folksy reminiscence of this conversation was republished in 1927 in the Roycrofters book “The Notebook of Elbert Hubbard.”
contributed by George Behe

Front cover: A striking photo of the damage to Celtic I in drydock after her collision with Britannic I.

Back Cover: The hurricane deck on board Britannic I and Germanic.
(Images: THS collection)