The Titanic Commutator Issue 225


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Commutator No. 225, Spring 1st Quarter
Membership Year 2019

The Titanic Commutator Issue 225 - Gertrude Thebaud under full sail showing her stern to Adriatic (II)


The Last White Star Sailing to New York
In 1960 what was left of White Star ships had been absorbed into the Cunard Line including Britannic (III). Nevertheless it was a sad moment in time as White Star’s history ended with this voyage.
By Karen Kamuda

Vintage Vignettes in White Star History
During the First World War Adriatic (II) would pass through prohibited waters without incident.
New York Evening World 1915

Sinking of [Baltic] S.S. Veendam
In November 1888, Baltic (I) was bought by the Netherlands American Steamship Co. (NASM and renamed Veendam. Ten years later disaster struck.
By Jerry Vondeling

De Witte Ster, the Dutch White Star Line
In 1913 De Witte Ster, a fishing company was established that built trawlers named Olympic, Majestic, Celtic, Baltic, Oceanic, Adriatic and Pacific .
By Jerry Vondeling

Southampton Floating Dock, An Interesting History
In 1803, the Harbour Commissioners began building a much need town quay for goods and passenger services. Thus began in this busy port a series of improvements including a much needed float dock decades later in 1922.
By Jerry Vondeling

Book Notes:
Oceanic: White Star’s Ship of the Century by Mark Chirnside, reviewed by Tad Fitch. Exploring the Britannic: The Life, Last Voyage of Titanic’s Tragic Twin Sister by Simon Mills,
reviewed by Ray Lepien

Early Years of the White Star Line
Excerpts that read like a review of the early years from A Cronological History of the Origin and Development of Steam Navigation
by George Henry Preble 1883.

Front and back covers: Two maritime illustrations by artist Stephen Card. Front cover is Bluenose, the famous racing champion fishing schooner from Nova Scotia racing the Gloucester fishing schooner (left) Gertrude Thebaud during the International Fisherman’s Races. Back cover is Gertrude Thebaud under full sail showing her stern to Adriatic (II).

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