TITANIC The Last Survivor


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The life of Millvina Dean

By Anthony Cunningham & Sheila Jemima, with Millvina Dean

The book’s Introduction dated October 2008 was written by Millvina Dean who said, “The Titanic meant very little to me at the time. Nobody seemed to talk about it very much and the fact that my father had died on the ship didn’t really make a huge impression on me. After all, what was the Titanic to me? It didn’t seem to have any bearing on my world at all. That I had been the youngest survivor of the disaster meant even less! My mother told me the facts and that was that.”

After the Titanic wreck was discovered in 1985, a worldwide interest in the ship began that previously did not exist and her life of obscurity changed too. Titanic Historical Society historian Don Lynch contacted Millvina and she traveled to the United States for the first time since 1912 to attend a THS convention in Boston in 1988 and from that time on, Millvina’s life was shaped by her association with one of the world’s most famous sea disasters.

“Suddenly however, complete strangers wanted to interview me for television and newspapers, I was asked to sign autographs, give talks and make personal appearances. At first it was rather bewildering but it’s amazing how quickly one can adapt to new experiences. Since I love meeting new people, I have by and large, thoroughly enjoyed the last twenty-five years and am still continually amazed at how the Titanic disaster touches people. Anthony Cunningham and Sheila Jemima have produced an admirable book which will please anyone with an interest in my life story. I do hope you enjoy it.”

Hardcover. Large size 11 X 8 inches. 80 pages. Illustrated with dozens of black and white archival and family photos and color photos. (Limited number available)

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